PlayStation and McDonald's Reveal Limited Edition PS5 Controller

There are only three variants of the DualSense, more commonly known as, the PS5 controller. [...]

There are only three variants of the DualSense, more commonly known as, the PS5 controller. There's the standard white-and-black, two-color controller. This is the generic controller that launched with the console. There's also the Midnight Black controller, which is just an all-black controller. And lastly, there's the Cosmic Red controller, which is another two-color controller, but red and black rather than white and back. Of course, more PS5 controller variants are coming, but right now there's no word of when this will happen. That said, if you need a new controller and you're in Australia, don't worry, McDonald's has you covered.

The controller has been revealed -- and will be made available -- to celebrate McDonald's Australia's 50th birthday. That said, you can't buy one. Rather, you will need to tune in to one of the streams below:

  • Muselk on Sunday at 1 pm playing Overwatch
  • Jacko G on Monday at 6 pm playing Overwatch
  • X2Twins on Tuesday at 10 pm playing Minecraft
  • Cripsy on Wednesday at 1 pm playing FIFA 21
  • Kiki on Thursday at 8 pm playing Night in the Woods
  • Crayator on Friday at 4 pm playing Mario Kart
  • Aiden AK on Saturday at 4 pm playing World of Warcraft

Unfortunately, there's no word if this promotion will come to other regions, and it's unclear if McDonald's Australia partnered with PlayStation for the promotion. Whatever the case, one day these will be valuable collector's items, so if you do get one, keep it in the box. Or don't. There's a good chance it will give you a definitive edge over the competition in multiplayer games.

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