Huge PS5 Exclusive May Be Announced Very Soon

A huge PS5 exclusive may be announced very soon, or at least that's what some PlayStation fans think. On September 16, Sony's new PS5 Showcase event will go down with 40 minutes of news, reveals, and updates. And if it's anything like the first PS5 event back in July, it's going to be loaded with big games, big announcements, and big surprises. That said, right on cue, in other words, moments after next week's new event was announced today, speculation that a big unannounced PS5 exclusive will be announced during the showcase surfaced.

For a few months, we've been hearing about Final Fantasy 16, which is rumored to be a PS5 exclusive. At the moment of publishing, Final Fantasy XVI hasn't been announced, let alone as a PS5 exclusive, but it looks like this may change during the aforementioned showcase.

For starters, industry insider and ex-senior editor at Game Informer, Imran Khan, says the event would be a good time for the game to be revealed. As you may know, Khan has been at the forefront of reports about the game and its PS5 exclusivity.

Meanwhile, Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto retweeted the announcement video, suggesting Square Enix will be involved in some fashion, though this could be via the already announced Project Athia.

As you can see, there's not a ton here, but there is enough to have both PlayStation and Final Fantasy fans excited. That said, at the moment of publishing, neither Square Enix nor Sony have provided a comment on all of this speculation, and it's highly unlikely either will. However, if either do, we will be sure to update the article with whatever is provided. In the meanwhile, take everything here with a grain of salt.


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