PS5 Price Theory Would Be Great News for PlayStation Fans If True

A new theory about the PS5 price would be great news for PlayStation fans looking to pick up the next-gen Sony console at a price that's comparable to the PS4. The theory begins with Truly Exquisite's 24k Gold PS5, which is now available to pre-order. The luxury product maker is currently selling the all-digital, disc-less golden PS5 for £7999. Meanwhile, it's selling the standard version of the console with a disc-drive for £100 more. In other words, it's either been tipped off or is expecting the all-digital version of the PS5 to cost $100 less than the standard PS5.

If you couple this with a new report about the PS5's price, the result is possible pricing information for both consoles. According to this report, Sony is adjusting the price of its consoles last-minute after Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will cost $300 and $500, respectively. The report further alleges that this newly adjusted pricing strategy will place the standard PS5 at $500 and the all-digital version at $400. Notice anything? A $100 price point difference.

If Truly Exquisite is expecting a $100 price difference between the all-digital and standard versions of the PS5, it could mean the consoles will cost $500 and $600, respectively. However, the aforementioned report suggests this isn't in play. As a result, the only options left are $400 and $500.

The PS5 is expected to cost roughly $470 to manufacture, however, once you factor in the retail cut, packaging, shipping, and other contributors to cost, the expense of bringing the PS5 to the market will be much closer to $500.

So, if Sony goes with the $400 and $500 approach, it will breakeven on the latter console and eat a loss with the former. The only difference between the two consoles is a disc-drive, and a disc-drive doesn't cost anything close to $100. It's more like $13 to $20. That said, Sony is no stranger to selling consoles at a loss at launch, especially in a highly competitive market.


Of course, for now, all of this is pure speculation, but it's pretty compelling stuff. And thankfully, we shouldn't have to settle for speculation much longer. Sony's new PS5 event is set to go down on September 16, and many are expecting we will finally get a release date and price for the console.

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