PS5 Pre-Orders Are Not Live, But Here's How to Find Out When They Will Be

This week Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed the DualSense, the official controller of the PlayStation 5. In addition to this, Sony also teased a reveal window for the PS5 console itself. That said, with no console reveal and no release date, most retailers are not taking pre-orders, however, this could change in the near future. In preparation of this, major retailers -- such as GameStop, Best Buy, and Target -- are currently taking sign-ups for notifications. In other words, by simply signing up with one of the aforementioned retailers, you'll get a notification the moment PS5 pre-orders go live.

As you may remember, PS4 pre-orders started to be taken back around June, a couple months into mass production. That said, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting every aspect of normal life, this process could be delayed. In fact, there's currently rumors and speculation that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be delayed out of 2020. If this happens, pre-orders will also be delayed.

Whatever the case, early pre-orders are very, very competitive, especially if there's going to be a limited supply of PS5 consoles at launch because of the COVID-19 disruption. In other words, make sure to sign up for notifications wherever it's possible. At the moment of publishing, Amazon and Walmart have not created alerts for pre-orders, but this should change sooner rather than later.

ps5 playstation controller dualsense
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As for the PS5 itself, Sony has not disclosed a release date beyond sometime this holiday season. Meanwhile, it's also unclear what the console will cost. Most industry analysts believe the console will cost $500, but some believe it could cost a little bit more or less. $500 may seem pretty steep, but when adjusted for inflation, it's actually not much more expensive than the PS4.

Meanwhile, pre-orders for the PS5 controller, the DualSense, should go live right around the time pre-orders for the console itself go live. That said, unless you need a second controller at launch, it may be shrewd to wait a bit for more colors to be released.


The PlayStation 5 is currently slated to release sometime later this year. For more news, media, rumors, and leaks on upcoming PlayStation console, be sure to take a gander at all of our recent and extensive coverage of the next-gen system by clicking right here.

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