PS5 Restock Report Reveals Next Target Release

It looks like the next PS5 restock will come courtesy of Target. Whether it's Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or any other retailer, the PS5 sells out before you can say "Hideo Kojima" five times. Target is no exception, but it looks like the retailer is giving PlayStation fans another chance at throwing a hail mary tomorrow. According to a new report, Target is releasing new stock of the PS5 tomorrow, October 1, likely in the morning. In other words, get your alarm clocks ready because you know the bots and scalpers will have theirs ready. 

The report comes the way of PS5 restock tracker and YouTuber, Jake Randall, who has proven reliable on numerous occasions in the past. According to Randall, the next Target restock should happen tomorrow. Whether it will include the all-digital $400 PS5 remains to be seen though. As any PS5 hunter will know, the $400 model has been far harder to buy, partially because Sony restocks it a slower clip.

It's also unclear if the console restock will be limited to the PS5 or if Target will have a new Xbox Series X restock as well. Whatever the case, any and all consoles will sell out quickly. And unfortunately, this isn't going to change. While stock will likely increase during the holiday season, so will demand. Meanwhile, component shortages will likely mean buying any new console will continue to be challenging in 2021.  

As noted, when exactly tomorrow Target's PS5 restock is supposed to happen, isn't divulged, but Target is known to drop early in the mornings, usually sometime between 6 am and 11 am.

As always, we will keep you updated as the situation develops. In the meantime, for more coverage on all things PlayStation 5 -- including not just the latest intel on restocks, but the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here.