Some PS5 Buyers Are Getting Something Extra from PlayStation

With the PlayStation 5 now officially available and in people’s homes, PlayStation fans in the launch regions are able to get started in the next generation with several new games and upgraded versions of ones from the PlayStation 4. For those who were able to purchase the consoles directly from Sony via the PlayStation Direct store, PlayStation 5 buyers are finding that they got a little something extra to celebrate the console launch. Those who purchased the console that way are reporting that they’ve received codes for some extra avatar options to commemorate some of the most recognizable faces in PlayStation’s library.

News of the PlayStation Direct bonus started surfacing online as players shared images of their orders coming in and the setup process as they got their PlayStation 5s ready. Included in the PlayStation 5 box for those who purchased from PlayStation Direct was a note with PlayStation boss Jim Ryan’s signature at the end of it. It congratulated buyers on their new PlayStation 5 purchase and offered the avatars “as a small token” of appreciation.

An avatar with the PlayStation face button symbols, one with the Astro’s Playroom mascot, and a helmeted knight from Demon’s Souls were just a few of the avatars included in the free promotion. It’s not much in the way of giveaways, but free is free and nobody was expecting to get these anyway, so it’s a nice bonus for those who were able to get their consoles through PlayStation Direct.

It’s unclear and too soon to tell if the avatar bonus is limited to just the people who were able to pre-order the consoles through PlayStation Direct prior to the launch or if people who order them now will also be able to get these avatars. PlayStation Direct sales of the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition are still happening whenever the consoles are back in stock, but those moments are so fleeting still that it’s just as difficult now to get one as it was before. When those shipments from orders placed starting on Thursday start coming in, we’ll see if the avatars are included.