PS5 DualSense Reportedly Fixes PS4 Controller's Biggest Issue

The PS5 DualSense controller reportedly fixes the PS4 controller's biggest issue. The PS5 is less than two weeks away. When it releases on November 10, it will come with a brand new controller, dubbed the DualSense. When Sony first revealed the PS5 controller back in the Spring, it immediately began hyping up the piece of hardware. Since then, this hype has been further echoed by PlayStation PR and by the impressions of many. However, it looks like the PS5 controller makes a huge, secret improvement from the PS4 controller that nobody has mentioned yet.

The DualShock 4 -- the official controller of the PS4 -- is great, but its joysticks leave a lot of room for improvement. The joysticks are not only flimsy, but they are plagued by stick drift issues. That said, it looks like Sony doesn't want to repeat this with the DualSense.

Over on YouTube, Battle Beaver Customs recently shared a new 45-minute teardown video for the DualSense, revealing that the joystick mechanism in the controller has been rotated 90 degrees, which should go a long way in reducing stick drift issues.

For now, take this information with a grain of salt. While it seems like the DualSense has addressed the PS4 controller's biggest problem, it remains to be seen how effective the tweak is and whether it will remain effective over time.

Stick drifting isn't just an issue that has been plaguing PS4 users. It's been an even bigger issue on Nintendo Switch, and even impacts the very expensive Xbox One Elite controllers. To an extent, it's an unavoidable problem, but hopefully, on DualSense, the problem won't be as prevalent or manifest as quickly.


The PS5 is set to release on November 12, but only in some regions, such as North America. When it releases, it will run between $400 to $500.

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