Here's What It Looks Like When You Earn a Trophy on PS5

Sony found a way to make earning trophies on the PlayStation 5 even more memorable than it already is on the PlayStation 4. A new feature added to the console will still capture the moment that players earned a trophy like we’re already used to, but it’ll do so by taking a video of the moment instead of just a screenshot with the trophy notification in the corner. It even adds a custom banner to the video to commemorate the occasion, and if you want to share just the screenshot, it’ll still capture the moment that way in addition to the video.

Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller showed off the new PlayStation 5 feature in a video where we got to see what the trophy experience looks like on the new console. Playing Astro’s Playroom, the game that comes already installed in the PlayStation 5 for buyers to try right away, Miller got a Bronze trophy during a moment that was captured by the console. The video below shows how that process was carried out.

Instead of just capturing a video of the exact moment someone earned a trophy, the video rewinds a bit to start a few seconds before Miller earned the Bronze. It also appears to show just a few seconds of time after the trophy was earned.

Framing the moment is the black banner at the bottom of the video that has the rarity of the trophy in the bottom-left corner next to the trophy’s name with the PlayStation symbol in the bottom-right corner. That banner only stays up for a brief time during the captured video though, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up space when you share your actual video. The screenshot capturing the moment includes the banner as well and affixes it to the exact moment that players earned the trophy to add some extra flair onto the way those screenshots are currently captured.

Sony recently updated the trophy system on the PlayStation 4 in preparation for the release of the PlayStation 5, so for all those who are big on earning trophies in your games, your experience looks a bit different now. We also recently got a preview of quite a few of the trophies that will be in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales when that game launches on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.