PUBG Update Is Adding New Arena Game Mode

Alongside the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ final update for Season 8 on the live servers for PC players, PUBG Corp. announced today the release of a new game type called Arena Mode. This PUBG Labs mode consists of 64 players who have to fight in different sections of the currently playable maps until the number of teams remaining have dwindled so that one team can be victorious. The game mode will be playable starting on September 18th on the PC platform with a console release planned for next week.

Arena is a much different game mode from what PUBG players are typically used to. It’s centered around teams and takes place on Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok, but you don’t get to travers the entirety of the maps during your matches.

Instead, the maps are sectioned off into different zones where different teams are located. Up to three squads can be in one zone, and only one group can win each round. Each group has three chances, and if all their chances are eliminated, they’re out of the mode. Those who win their rounds will obtain stronger positions than those who didn’t, the PUBG Corp. said. Teammates can be revived quicker in this mode to give players a chance to get back into the fight.

Once there are three or fewer squads left in the Arena match, players will enter a sudden death situation where the remaining player swill face off. It doesn’t matter how many chances you’ve banked before this round – if you lose here, you’re out, and the victor will take the match.

PUBG Arena Mode Loadout
(Photo: PUBG Corp.)

As for the weapons and gear players will use, Arena mode supports a different kind of loadout system than players typically experience. Instead of looting things from other players, you’ll be able to purchase items from an in-game store by spending currency you’ve accumulated after eliminating enemies. The image above from PUBG Corp. shows what the Arena marketplace will look like.

This Arena mode will release just after the launch of the last Season 8 update. The update added a new item called a Jammer Pack along with a new system for traversing maps via ferries.