Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Leaks Online

Rainbow Six Parasite may not have a permanent name yet, but it does have gameplay, and that [...]

Rainbow Six Parasite may not have a permanent name yet, but it does have gameplay, and that gameplay has leaked online. A player who took part in a technical test for the new Rainbow Six game broadcasted their gameplay for others to witness through Facebook Gaming and other platforms. Judging from others' comments and the general restrictions around these sorts of tests, that stream likely wasn't allowed under Ubisoft's guidelines, but those who didn't get into the test benefitted from the broadcast with over an hour of gameplay now available to watch.

The leaked gameplay comes from streamer M3ga.m007.gaming whose video showing off Rainbow Six Parasite is still live at this time on Facebook. There's no telling how long that video will stay up, but it's already been reuploaded elsewhere, so it's likely not going anywhere anytime soon. The streamer said in a comment on their own stream that Ubisoft told them they were allowed to broadcast the game, but considering how the user's Twitch account temporarily dark afterwards and we haven't seen anyone else stream Rainbow Six Parasite, it seems that might not be the case. They said later that the situation had been "sorted out."

Regardless of how that situation turned out, we now know a bit more about Rainbow Six Parasite based on the gameplay. We already knew that the game would feature Operators from Rainbow Six Siege, and through this gameplay, we've seen a couple examples of those appearances. Alibi, Lion, Vigil, Ela, Finka, and Tachanka were seen in the screen where you select your Operator with each of them sporting varying speed and armor ratings as well as unique gadgets to use in-game.

As the player progresses through a round of Rainbow Six Parasite, they're tasked with different objectives like collecting tissue samples. Funky-looking enemies resembling mutated humans attack the player, and in true Rainbow Six fashion, it seems they're able to put an end to a playthrough pretty quickly.

This isn't the first time Rainbow Six Parasite has been hit by leaks, but this is the most revealing one we've gotten so far. Because it's a technical test, however, the gameplay seen here will almost certainly look different in some ways compared to what the final product will look like.

Those who've been following along with the Rainbow Six Parasite news will know that the game isn't really going to be known by that name, but it's not going to be known as Rainbow Six Quarantine either, so Parasite is the best name we've got at the moment. Ubisoft confirmed that the game's previous name using "Quarantine" would be changed but said that "Parasite" was just a working title.

Rainbow Six Parasite does not yet have a release date, but we know it's not releasing this month as people previously thought.