Red Dead Online Update Adds New Diamond Mission and More

Red Dead Online got another of its weekly updates on Tuesday to roll out even more Blood Money content than players had already gotten when the update released and afterwards. Through this week's update, players are sent after yet another precious gemstone with promises of a free weapon component for those who are able to successfully pull off the diamond heist. The game also expanded on its new Crime Contracts by sending players on collection quests to gather money from saloons.

Just as we saw in last week's update, the gemstone mission is the focus of this week's release. By completing the mission, you get a free weapon component of your choosing, and if you're able to finish it on the Ruthless difficulty, you'll get a unique cosmetic as well.

"A precious yellow diamond known as Il Sovrano is making a brief layover in Rhodes and the local monied elite are meeting to discuss who gets to take care of it," Rockstar Games said about the update. "It's been suggested that a representative of Senator Ricard will collect Il Sovrano and you'll need to find information as to the jewel's whereabouts. Whether you distract the guards, sneak your way in, or make an explosive entrance, you'll need to track down and take the jewel."

Once you've successfully acquired the gemstone, you can move onto another task: Collecting money from saloons. This objective is part of the new Crime Contract added this week and gets underway after you've spoken to Sean MacGuire, Anthony Foreman, Joe, or Langton.

"The saloons of Saint Denis are flush with cash. Smelling blood in the water, the underworld wants its cut — as well as its Capitale," Rockstar Games said. "The Saloons Contract is a new Crime Contact consisting of three missions as you collect funds from the local watering holes. Keep in mind: some business owners agree to these sorts of arrangements — others might require the use of force instead of cool-headed persuasion."


Rockstar also teased that a new game mode is releasing next week. That game mode is called "Call to Arms," and all we know about it now is that it's a survival mode where players will be tasked with fighting off waves of enemies.

Red Dead Online's latest update is now available across all platforms.