Resident Evil 4 Remake Reportedly Hits Roadblock at Capcom

Even though it was announced during yesterday’s Resident Evil Showcase event, Capcom is still reportedly working on a remake of the beloved Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, based on a new report that has now come about, it sounds as though the game’s development may have hit a roadblock internally due to differences of opinion.

According to VGC, Capcom is said to have changed course when it comes to work on the remake of Resident Evil 4. Specifically, M-Two, which is a studio that was leading development on the project, has had its role drastically shrunk. M-Two previously helped work on last year’s remake of Resident Evil 3 and then was planned to transition over to RE4 afterward as the lead developer. However, that has now potentially changed.

The report says that the reason M-Two has had its role diminished is because of an internal review of the game that took place in 2020. Apparently, Capcom wasn’t pleased with the direction that M-Two was taking Resident Evil 4 remake and instead decided to put the game in the hands of Capcom Division 1, which is one of the publisher's internal studios. While M-Two will still be helping on RE4 in some capacity, it won’t be the project lead any longer.

As for the reason why Capcom was disappointed with M-Two’s direction on the game in the first place, it is said that the studio wanted to too closely remake Resident Evil 4 in its entirety. Conversely, Capcom is said to be wanting to model the game after the original RE4 while still including new qualities, areas, and narrative beats.

Perhaps the most notable development from this report is that this shift internally at Capcom has potentially pushed the game back a bit. This remake of Resident Evil 4 was previously thought to arrive in 2022, but because of this reported move, it may now not arrive until 2023. Of course, this could prove to be false, but only time will tell.

As a whole, this entire situation seems like a bad one, but it may be more normal than you think. Supposedly, similar development adjustments like this happened at Capcom during its work on the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, meaning that there isn't cause for concern here with RE4 just yet.


In the near term, Capcom is set to release Resident Evil Village later this year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on May 7, 2021. If you'd also like to keep up with our coverage of all things RE, you can do so right here.

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