New Resident Evil Portal Service Launching in 2021

Capcom is launching a new service in 2021 called “Resident Evil Portal” that’ll serve as a one-stop place for Resident Evil fans’ needs. It’ll encompass a number of different individual Resident Evil services that’ll be integrated under the Resident Evil Portal soon, but perhaps most important for the casual and hardcore Resident Evil followers alike, it’ll be “the go-to source for the latest info” on the series, Capcom said. No exact release date has been announced yet, but this service will be available at some point in 2021.

The plans to consolidate different Resident Evil services into the Resident Evil Portal were announced on Thursday with a new page on Capcom’s site giving an overview of what’s to come. Players will be able to connect with other Resident Evil fans just as they can now through other services and will be able to keep up with Resident Evil news.

“Resident Evil Portal will be the go-to source for the latest info on the Resident Evil series; it's a place for players to share their stats with others around the world, an overflowing item box of content for series veterans and rookies,” Capcom said.

After looking at the many Resident Evil sites Capcom has up, the idea to integrate them under one umbrella makes sense. A version of the Resident Evil Portal exists already and serves as a landing page for individual sites for games like Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Village. That site is different from Resident which keeps players up to date on different events and things like stats and media. Add to those the Resident Evil Ambassador Program and the Japanese sites for the series and you have a lot of Resident Evil news that’s spread out all over the place which hopefully won’t be a problem once the new portal launches.


The Resident Evil Ambassador Program is sticking around, though people will need to link a Twitter account now to continue accessing the program. Some adjustments to how points are earned will also be made, but you’ll still be able to earn points with badges acquired based on how many points you have.

Capcom’s new Resident Evil Portal is scheduled to launch in 2021.