Rocket League Asks Players About Removing Boost From the Game

A new post from the Rocket League Twitter account asks players about removing boost from the game. Thankfully, it looks like this is just a hypothetical that's fishing for engagements, however, it does have some players worried. If you follow the Rocket League Twitter account, you will know it doesn't usually mess about with this type of social media content. In other words, it's a bit peculiar.

That said, while it's peculiar, there's no possible timeline where Psyonix and Epic Games remove boost from Rocket League. Not only would this fundamentally change the game, but it would cause a massive backlash. That said, could this hint at a limited-time mode with no boost? Maybe.

Without boost, Rocket League would become far more tactical and less reliant on individual play. In the current meta, it's all about boost management and starving the other team of boost. There's not a great deal of emphasis on passing or even tactical positioning. Having no boost would instantly change this. Without boost, passing would likely dominate the meta, whilst positioning and rotation would beoame even more important.

Again, without boost, Rocket League wouldn't be Rocket League. It'd be way slower and way less capable of producing incredible moments. In other words, it'd probably be pretty boring.


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