Sifu Movie Adaptation in the Works from John Wick Creator

Sifu is one of 2022's best games and it seems like it will be making its way to the big screen courtesy of John Wick creator Derek Kolstad. Sifu was released earlier this year and immediately became an indie darling thanks to its incredibly satisfying combat, but also very unique mechanics. The game is a revenge story set in China and follows a young martial arts expert on a quest to avenge his mentor after he was killed. However, it's quite challenging and if you die, you come back to life, but you age upon resurrection. As you age, the game gets harder, and also means you could die from old age and thus permanently lose. 

As reported by Deadline, Sifu developer Sloclap has teamed up with media company Story Kitchen for an adaptation of the newly-released video game. The script is being written by John Wick and Nobody scribe Derek Kolstad which signifies it's in good hands given he has helped create some of the best character driven action movies of the last decade. Kolstad also seems to have an affinity for video games as he has been previously tapped to write movies for Just Cause, Splinter Cell, and even a TV show for Hitman. Obviously, none of these have come to fruition yet, so it's really unclear how good they could be, but the produced work that Kolstad has done has been great. Hopefully, Sifu does see the light of day, because it has serious potential for a film adaptation.

Similarly, John Wick director Chad Stahelski is helming the Ghost of Tsushima movie. As of right now, it's unclear when it will release, but Stahelski has a lot of ideas on how to bring the beloved PlayStation game to life. We may finally be in an era where great games can actually be properly adapted for the big screen without wildly changing the source material to make it more marketable!


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