Silver Coin Is a Fast-Paced Werewolf Hunting Card Game

Silver Coin is the third installment of the Silver series, and it comes with a new game mechanic - [...]

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Silver Coin, a new card game by Bezier Games, challenges players to get rid of the hidden werewolves in their village before their opponents. Bezier Games is best known as the maker of the extremely popular Ultimate Werewolf and One Night Ultimate Werewolf series, both of which are social deduction games in which players attempt to determine the identity of a werewolf in their midst. However, Bezier publishes other werewolf-hunting games as well, including its Silver series of card games. The newest installment, Silver Coin, came out earlier this month, giving werewolf hunters (and fans of fast-paced card games) a chance to jump in the action.

"Each Silver player is the mayor of a village, and that village is of course infested with werewolves," explained Ted Alspach, designer of Silver Coin and CEO of Bezier Games, during a video interview with "The werewolves have come to your village to eat all the great folks living there." Each villager attracts a certain number of werewolves (shown via a number on the upper left hand of a card) and has a different ability that generally helps a player clear out werewolves out of their village.

At the start of the game, each player has five cards in their village, but they only know the identity of two of those cards. Players can take one of three actions on their turn - they can draw from the deck and choose to discard it or swap it out with one of the cards in their village, they can trade one of the cards in the village for the top card on the discard pile, or they can "call for a vote," thus bringing the round to an end after every other player has gone. Players can also get rid of multiples of the same card at the same time, trading all of those cards with the card they drew from the deck. Some villagers also have special abilities, allowing them to trade cards with other players, see facedown cards in their village, or even get rid of a card without having to replace it. Once a vote has been called, players add up the numbers on their cards. The person with the lowest sum gets a score of zero for the round, while everyone else takes the sum of their card's numbers as their score. The person with the lowest score after four rounds wins the game.

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(Photo: Bezier Games)

Silver Coin is the third installment of the Silver series, and it comes with a new game mechanic - the Silver Coin. If a player successfully calls for a vote, they get a Silver Coin to use on the following turn. "That silver coin token allows you to flip a single card face up or face down during on their turn," Alspach explained. "It doesn't sound like much, but it can be pretty powerful because face up cards do a lot." Players can use that coin to negate the abilities of one of their opponent's cards or trigger the ability of a card in their own village. Alspach also noted that the card abilities in Silver Coin are a bit more complex than in past Silver installments, the result of this being the third game in the series.

SIlver Coin can be played alone, or players can mix and match cards from other Silver games to form a custom deck. A fourth installment of Silver is also planned for release either later this year or early next year.

You can pick up Silver Coin and other installments of the Silver game series at local game stores for $24.95 each. You can also pick up a copy here on Amazon.

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