Sonic the Hedgehog Series Reaches Huge Milestone Ahead of Sonic Frontiers Release

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has now crossed over to the other side of a significant milestone just ahead of the release of Sonic Frontiers. Sega talked about the series in the latest report from holding company Sega Sammy Holdings and said that at the time the numbers were tallied for the report, the Sonic the Hedgehog series overall has now sold more than 1.51 billion units in terms of paid and free-to-play games offered.

This particular figure was seen on page 13 of Sega Sammy Holdings' latest integrated report for 2022 in a table encompassing all sorts of popular series like the Persona, Yakuza, and Sonic games. While those others series are big on their own, none of them come close to the numbers put up by Sonic the Hedgehog. The next closes property was the Total War series, an IP Sega acquired rather than developed in-house, which accounts for 40.4 million units and downloads combined.

And as for the Sonic numbers, those only account for the games, too, so that's not even accounting for the success of other Sonic the Hedgehog projects like the animated series. Those are plentiful in their own right just as the Sonic games are with another series, Sonic Prime, just recently getting a release date as well as a new teaser trailer.

But sooner than that show comes out, Sonic fans will be able to play Sonic Frontiers in full following numerous previews and gameplay presentations that showed off more of the game. It's a different sort of Sonic experience compared to some of the games we've seen in the past within the series with Sonic Frontiers focused more on open-world elements (the creators call it "Open Zone"). Responses to the game have varied with some critical of the direction it's taken as well as its combat and overall gameplay, but others are more worried about spoilers at this point.

Sonic Frontiers will be out on November 8th while Sonic Prime will be out on Netflix on December 15th. You can check out more details from the Sega Sammy Holdings report here.