Stormlight Archives Miniatures Set Launches on Kickstarter, Kaladin Miniature and Figure Revealed (Exclusive)

Brotherwise Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production on a brand new set of miniatures based on the best-selling Stormlight Archives series by Brandon Sanderson. The new Stormlight Archives miniatures set will include 24 characters from the first four books, with an additional four figures added to the set assuming that the campaign meets certain stretch goals. Many of the miniatures feature characters being depicted for the first time in visual form, including several from the most recent book The Rhythm of War. 

To help kick off the new Kickstarter campaign, Brotherwise Games provided with exclusive images of two items of the campaign. Be warned that one of the images is a major spoiler for The Rhythm of War, so don't keep scrolling down if you aren't caught up with the books. 

First, Brotherwise Games provided with an exclusive first look at a 12-inch statue available to backers. The 1:10 scale resin figure features Kaladin fighting Szeth in the skies, a recreation of the pair's battle during Words of Radiance.


The second image features Kaladin wearing his Shardplate, as seen in The Rhythm of War. The image below features concept art by Ben McSweeney and the final sculpt by Leander Pokorny.

shardplate-kaladin-reveal.jpg also spoke with Brotherwise Games' Johnny O'Neal about the campaign and their future plans for The Stormlight Archive ahead of the Kickstarter campaign's launch. How did the Stormlight Archives miniatures project come into being? How long has this been in the works?

Johnny O'Neal: We've been working with Brandon and the Dragonsteel team since 2020, when we released a version of our Call to Adventure game series based on The Stormlight Archive. That project included over 100 illustrations, and during that process I established a really good rapport with Dragonsteel's art director, Isaac Stewart. Last year, we started talking about making Stormlight miniatures. From the beginning, this project has been about visual development first, merchandise second.

What's the benefit of running a miniatures project for the Stormlight Archive as opposed to prints or some other kind of Kickstarter project?

O'Neal: There have been a lot of great Stormlight illustrations, but the characters have never been depicted in three dimensions. I spent a decade working in the toy industry before getting into tabletop games, and I personally just love miniatures and figurines. Brandon is a gamer, and was excited about the idea of miniatures. Isaac liked that creating miniatures would force us to really define an official look for all these characters. So it came together pretty naturally!

Assuming this is successful, will we see even more Cosmere miniatures down the line? 

O'Neal: That's the plan. These 34 mm miniatures will be fully compatible with an upcoming Stormlight tabletop game that Brotherwise is developing with Dragonsteel. This Kickstarter focuses primarily on protagonists, so we'd love to sculpt more adversaries in the future. We'll also want to make the fifth set when the next novel comes out!

You can check out the full Kickstarter here.