Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Delayed or What?

So what's the deal with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? Three weeks ago, reports emerged from a variety of sources that all claimed the next game from acclaimed developer Rocksteady Studios was getting pushed back from its May 26th release date. Since that time, Rocksteady and WB Games haven't commented at all on these reports, and currently, Suicide Squad is poised to arrive in under two months. With May right around the corner, though, we're nearing the point where WB Games needs to probably say something about this matter in the very near future. 

Assuming that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is going to see its release date delayed, one of the biggest questions is for how long. Originally, it was thought that this change in launch date would simply push Suicide Squad into the latter half of 2023. As other reports have since claimed, though, it seems like the co-op action game could instead get punted all the way back into 2024. If this did come to pass, such a lengthy delay would imply that Rocksteady is looking to make more overhauls with Kill the Justice League in light of a negative response from fans after a showing in February. 

What continues to be so confusing about this situation is that if Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League isn't hitting store shelves in May, why doesn't WB Games just say so already? Typically, when reports associated with game delays like this come about, we end up getting an official confirmation in one way or another from a publisher not much later. To see that WB Games has let these questions permeate for three weeks without clarification one way or another is pretty bizarre and suggests that there could be a lot of major discussions happening behind the scenes. 

Perhaps the thing that all but guarantees that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is getting delayed is the fact that the game isn't even up for pre-order yet. Not only have retailers like GameStop and Amazon not made Suicide Squad purchasable, but Steam and the PlayStation Store don't even mention the game's current May 26th launch date. It seems clear that WB Games has already decided internally to push Suicide Squad back which is why it's making no attempt to kick off pre-orders just yet. Either way, we've reached out to the publisher for an official comment and will update this story if we hear back. 

Do you find it odd that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hasn't been properly delayed by now? Or could the new DC game end up launching on May 26th as it's currently planned? Let me know what you think either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12