Super7 To Release New Vecna Action Figure

Clear space on your collectible shelves for a new Vecna figure coming from Super7.

A name that is undoubtedly feared throughout the realms of Dungeons & Dragons is that of the Undying King, Vecna. One of the most infamous characters in all of Dungeons & Dragons lore, Vecna has become a fairly recognizable figure from the franchise even for audiences unfamiliar with the franchise in terms of tabletop gaming, as the name is used in Stranger Things for the ultimate dark force Eleven and her friends have been facing off against and will continue to do so in Season 5. Outside of the popularity and buzz surrounding the name given its role in Stranger Things, Vecna is having quite the year, as is Dungeons & Dragons on a much larger scale. 

2024 marks the fiftieth anniversary for Dungeons & Dragons, which has brought with it plenty of exciting new releases, collaborations, and merchandise for D&D fans to further deepen their love. A central figure for these new additions to the Dungeons & Dragons IP has been Vecna – from a collaboration with Dead by Daylight that featured the Undying King as a Killer in the Fog and a new campaign, Vecna: Eve of Ruin, there are a lot of new ways to experience the villainous behavior Vecna is capable of this year, and soon a new collectable will be available to display next to Eve of Ruin on your shelf (or any other campaign that features him). 

Super7 Vecna Figure.jpg
(Photo: Super7)

Super7 has announced a new figure for Vecna that includes multiple accessories, including the Eye and Hand of Vecna. Sharing the photo of the new figure set on X (formerly Twitter) seen above, Super7 notes that Dungeons & Dragons fans can "Visit the Super7 x D&D Pop-Up at our San Diego store from July 24th – 28th, 2024, to see it in person, where you'll be able to pre-order it onsite[.]." The post also notes that pre-orders will also be available on the Super7 website coinciding with San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)

While additional information provided was scarce as Super7 holds off on sharing the exciting details until SDCC, the social media post does mention that this new Vecna figure is part of their Dungeons & Dragons ULTIMATES! figure line, which in turn allows some safe conclusions to be drawn about the figure. Based on previously released ULTIMATES! figures like Dekkion the Skeleton Warrior and Hank the Ranger from Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series, Vecna will stand at seven inches and be priced at or around $55 USD.