Teamfight Tactics Is Getting a Bigger Board for Set 2

Teamfight Tactics players will see a ton of changes in the League of Legends game mode when Set 2 arrives soon, and one of those changes deals with the game board itself. Eagle-eyed Teamfight Tactics players noticed that some previews of the new content showed what appeared to be a bigger board, and a Rioter has since confirmed that those assumptions are correct. The same preview also hinted at some of the champions that’ll come to the game in Set 2 including Jax and Renekton.

Riot Mort, the lead designer for Teamfight Tactics, shared the tweet below earlier in the week to give a recap of League’s 10-year anniversary celebration that previewed everything coming to Teamfight Tactics soon. Set 2 will be released in Patch 22 and will be on the PBE prior to that, but we’ve already seen some of what’s included thanks to the image below.

In another tweet shared a day afterwards, the Rioter confirmed suspicions by saying the board will be expanded to give four rows to each player.

“TFT - Since people have pieced it together, let's confirm it,” the Rioter said. “Coming with Set 2 is a bigger board! 4 rows for each player, which should open up a ton of new positioning options.”

You’ll notice that there are certain champions shown in the image that’ll apparently be coming in Set 2. Some of them are a bit difficult to make out due to the skins that they’re using and the fact that they’re in combat, but it looks like Nasus, Jax, Renekton, Thresh, and Vladimir are among those who will be added soon.


Players began making further assumptions after the confirmation of the board size change when speculating how this would affect certain team comps, but it looks like we might not have to worry about some of those concerns. The Rioter shared another cryptic message that indicated some of the champions – and perhaps even entire Classes and Origins – that players have become most accustomed to might not be around in Set 2.

Riot Games will release Set 2 in Teamfight Tactics during Patch 9.22 after it spends time on the PBE beginning on October 22nd.