The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Player Makes Disturbing Discovery in Ancient Ruin

A fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has made a disturbing discovery while exploring one of many [...]

A fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has made a disturbing discovery while exploring one of many ancient ruins in the game. The latest mainline Elder Scrolls game may be 10 years old, but there's a reason so many still play the open-world RPG, and that's because it's brimming with content, things to discover, and mysteries to solve. And anyone who has played the game, whether on PlayStation or Xbox or PC, will know some of this content is fairly dark and disturbing.

Taking to Reddit, the aforementioned player demonstrated all of these things, sharing their discovery of some skeletal remains. Now there's nothing surprising or shocking about this. Skeletal remains litter almost every ancient ruin or cave you wander into. Heck, sometimes these skeletal remains will attack you. What shocked the player though was that the remains consisted of an adult skeleton and a baby skeleton, suggesting the pair was a pregnant mother and their unborn child or possibly a mother holding their small infant. Whatever the case, it makes for disturbing imagery.

As for the discovery itself, it's not technically new. Some quick research will reveal players discovered these disturbing skeletal remains a while ago. However, for many players, it is a new discovery, or at least that's what the replies to the Reddit post suggest.

The discovery was made in Labyrinthian, an ancient Nordic ruin accessed via The Staff of Magnus quest during the College of Winterhold questline. That said, what's unclear is why there would be the skeletal remains of a mother and their child. During the Merethic Era it was a city, and possibly the capital of the region, but after the Dragon War it was willfully abandoned. It's reasonable to think some, if not many, died inside during the Dragon War, but why would the remains just be left around to decay? Unfortunately, we'll probably never know.

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