The Last of Us Director Shoots Down Fortnite Crossover Rumors

Neil Druckmann, the longtime director of The Last of Us and its sequel The Last of Us Part II, has shot down rumors associated with the PlayStation franchise crossing over with Fortnite. Within the past day, a new rumor sprang up suggesting that a Fortnite and The Last of Us collab of some sort would be coming about in the future. And while this seemed to make sense given that PlayStation has brought other first-party characters to Fortnite in the past, it doesn't seem like this rumor is based in reality. 

Taking to social media this afternoon, Druckmann blatantly denied that anything associated with The Last of Us will be coming to Fortnite down the road. "Love me some Fortnite... but there are no plans for this," Druckmann said while quote tweeting the rumor in question that began to generate the fan excitement. "False rumor."

In response to this news, a number of fans joked about how Druckmann could have insider knowledge on this in the first place. Others either celebrated or bemoaned the idea of this collab not coming to fruition, depending on what they thought of the idea. Still, Druckmann's statement on the matter seemed to be very straightforward, which makes it sound as though nothing involving The Last of Us will be heading to Fortnite soon.

As mentioned, PlayStation has worked with developer Epic Games in the past to bring a number of other popular characters to Fortnite. Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Kratos from God of War, and Aloy from the Horizon series have all landed in Epic's popular battle royale title within recent years. As such, it stood to reason that Joel or Ellie from The Last of Us could make an appearance as well, especially given that The Last of Us Part I is set to come to PS5 in early September. For now, though, this crossover will remain merely a dream until further notice. 

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