Titanfall 3 Rumors Once Again Addressed by Respawn Entertainment

It seems like every single time developer Respawn Entertainment puts out an update or new game, rumors stir up once more about a possible Titanfall 3. While Apex Legends technically takes place in that universe, a sequel to Titanfall 2 has long been rumored and speculated about thanks in part to the fact that it's known that it was once in the works, but Respawn and EA have denied that it's still happening at every turn. Thanks to the upcoming release of Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn has had the opportunity to once again confirm that Titanfall 3 is not a thing that is currently happening.

As part of an interview from Eurogamer with Apex Legends director Chad Grenier, Grenier noted that the new Season 7 map, Olympus, is very similar to a map that was at one point planned for a possible Titanfall 3. Though it has gone through its fair share of changes since then, it still traces back its lineage to that work.

"While we were building Titanfall, we sort of discovered this battle royale game mode within that, our Titanfall universe," Grenier said. "And we were just so excited about it that we ended up making Apex instead. So we have all of these maps... this very large map that looks very similar to Olympus. It's the same style, sort of on the cutting room floor. And so we went back to that for sure. I think what we ended up with now with Olympus is better, since we've had more time to improve it."

And, of course, when asked, Grenier said that "nobody is currently working on Titanfall 3." So, there's that. Not that it will stop folks from asking this same question at every opportunity going forward, but for now, that's where things stand.


Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall-adjacent title, Apex Legends, is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC and is in the midst of Season 6 - Boosted. Season 7 - Ascension is set to begin on November 4th alongside the launch of Apex Legends on Steam. The popular free-to-play shooter also recently added cross-play. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular video game right here.

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