Here's When Tom Holland's Uncharted Movie Will Begin Filming

Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie with Sony is back on track and here’s when the filming will begin. According to The Hollywood Reporter, things get started in Germany on July 20th. Fans of Holland have already seen the young star getting a COVID-19 swab test on Instagram Live, so they probably knew the production was about to start up. Ruben Fleischer has been wanting to get Uncharted up and running for a while now, and other countries have allowed Sony a way to prime the pump heading into the back half of the year. However, spikes could cause everything to shut down again at a moment's notice, so everyone involved has their fingers crossed for the best possible outcomes.

One of those people really hoping that everything goes smoothly is series star Tom Holland. He’s been constantly reassuring fans that this movie will be an absolute hoot for them whenever we get back to theaters. Get ready for a slight departure from the games with his performance.

"There was definitely a lot of inspiration that came from the games, but it's a very young, fresh take on the character because, obviously, we didn't get to meet him all that much when he was younger," the Spider-Man star told IGN. "But it's a pretty awesome movie, and it's global. We travel the world, we see some amazing places, and Mark Wahlberg and I are going to have a great summer together."

Once upon a time, Mark Wahlberg was set to play Nathan Drake, but time kept on passing. Now the established actor has slipped into the role of Sully to help guide Holland. It’s going to be interesting to se the two play off of each other.

“I was attached for years and years to play Nathan Drake and now I’m playing Sully. Even with The Fighter, there was a ticking clock there," Wahlberg mentioned in a previous interview. "There was that biological clock. We gotta’ get going quickly.”


"It’s exciting because, without giving too much away, it’s more of an origin story," Wahlberg added. "Meeting them, and Nathan becoming Nathan. Sully and him meeting, trying to not only get over on each other, but also starting to partner up and develop that relationship. It’ll be very cool. It’s the first time I’m in a movie that’s a movie. I felt like when I was reading it, I was reading Indiana Jones or Thomas Crown Affair. It’s got these great elements of these heist movies and adventure movies like I’ve never been a part of.”

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