UFC 4 Update Sneakily Adds Unskippable Real World Ads

UPDATE: EA has since walked back this update and apologized. The original story as published continues below.

A recent EA Sports UFC 4 update on PS4 and Xbox One added real-world ads that can't be skipped or avoided. Last month, the latest installment in the UFC video game series arrived via EA to decent acclaims and sales. And like previous entries, it featured in-game advertisements, but only in ways that were appropriate and true to the sport itself. However, roughly a month after release, and after reviews have been published, this has been added to with obnoxiously intrusive real-world ads that flash across the screen in the middle of gameplay.

Taking to Reddit, one player shared a video example of this, which features an ad for season 2 of Amazon's original series The Boys. Now, you may overlook this blatant cash-grab ad placement if it was minor and out of the way, but it literally fills almost the entire screen during moments of gameplay.

Below, you can check out the video for yourself:

EA decided to add full-on commercials in the middle of gameplay in a $60 game a month after it's release so it wasn't talked about in reviews from r/assholedesign

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear if this is a feature that here's to stay or a limited time thing. That said, if more information is provided, we will be sure to update this post.

EA Sports UFC 4 is available via the PS4 and Xbox One, and for now, these are the only platforms it's available for. However, we know it's also eventually coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X thanks to a leak from earlier this year.

"Overall if you're a veteran of the series, UFC 4 makes some adjustments you've been asking for and has some new features to dive into," reads an excerpt from our official review of the game. "If you're a beginner you've got a long climb ahead of you, but it's worth the grind. The game doesn't break new ground, but it seems to have refined what was already there."


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