Valheim Board Game Announced

Valheim The Board Game takes the survival game to the analog world.

Last month, developer Iron Gate Studio dropped the massive Ashlands update into its hit survival game Valheim, but the team isn't stopping there. While we haven't received an update on what the early access game is adding next, the developers did reveal a new board game project. Valheim The Board Game is currently in production by Mood Publishing and was revealed today on Gamefound. The crowdfunding service has previously been used for projects like CMON's God of War: The Board Game, so it's no stranger to video game-related projects. As of this writing, the project isn't available to back, but the campaign should launch relatively soon.

Because the campaign project was only just revealed, we don't know too many details about what will be included in Valheim The Board Game. The official description reads, "Valheim is a 1-4 player co-op board game where teamwork and strategy are key to survival. Gather your fellow companions and venture forward to explore, build, collect resources, battle enemies, and carve your path towards summoning the ultimate evil. The fate of everyone lies in your hands!"

Other than that blurb, the only detail we know about the project is that a standard game will take around two hours to complete. Of course, we'll get much more information when the project goes live, though we don't know exactly when the funding period will start. That said, it will probably be funded almost immediately given how popular Valheim has become since launching. 

The one thing we do know about the project is that Mood Publishing has a pedigree for successful game adaptations. The team was also behind the Deep Rock Galactic board game conversion, so it knows how to take a property and turn it into a fun board game. Plus, the co-op nature of Valheim makes it a relatively clean conversion. Distilling the massive open world down to a two-hour experience won't be easy, but Mood Publishing has the chops to make it happen.

The digital version of Valheim is available now on Xbox and PC platforms. As mentioned, the Viking survival game recently added the Ashlands update, giving players a brand-new biome to explore. Iron Gate hasn't revealed what's coming next, but that will probably be announced in the next few weeks after the team takes the time needed to iron out some of the issues the update brought about.