Valheim Teases New Hearth and Home Content

Valheim’s developer shared some info on Friday to give players a taste of what’s to come in [...]

Valheim's developer shared some info on Friday to give players a taste of what's to come in future updates. Part of that included a brief discussion about the Hearth and Home update which was the first major release slated to come for Valheim players whenever the roadmap was first released. The Iron Gate developers also shared some artwork that teased what's to come in the future, though no further context for the image was given.

Like other news and updates related to Valheim, the latest on the development of the game was shared in a post within the game's Steam page. The developers first provided another milestone update and said the total sales had crossed 6 million by now. The game's been getting updates frequently enough since its launch to mend bugs and other problems, and the Iron Gate team said it's got another one coming that's currently waiting on a Steam update before it's released.

(Photo: Steam)

Moving onto the content to come, the Iron Gate team shared the image above as a teaser for the game's first big update: Hearth and Home. It's the one that appeared first on the roadmap that mapped out what content the game would get and the order in which it'd be released. The Iron Gate team said they've been working on playtesting and fixing bugs in the update but are now able to spend more time on the content since things have calmed down post-launch.

"A lot of you have reached out and asked about the road map," the Valheim developers said. "How's 'Hearth and Home' coming along? Much of our focus has been on play testing and bug fixing, but as things are calming down since launch, we can spend more time working on our first big update! Our lead artist even graciously provided a sneak peek."

The image shows a bird which appears to be standing on the edge of a roof. Given their significance within Norse mythology, it can be assumed that bird's a raven, though it's difficult to predict what a raven could have to do with a Hearth and Home update. Ravens are supposed to be directly connected to Odin, a Norse character people already think they've spotted in the game, but would that tie into Hearth and Home? More teasers shared in the future will hopefully help players piece together what's to come by expanding on this first preview.

Valheim's Hearth and Home update does not currently have a release date.