Valheim Players Are Launching Their Boats with Incredible Results

A new Valheim trend has emerged that has players conquering land, air, and sea all at the same time by launching their boats across the map to some extremely satisfying results. While some may struggle to get their vessels and basic living arrangements together, others are constructing massive ramps to send their boats soaring across the water. This has also let to an interesting discovery about the oceans themselves that players sail: They’re much bouncier than expected.

If you haven’t seen the boat-launching craze in Valheim, the clip below from the Reddit user HotGUUUUU is one of the best and most-cited examples of how this stunt works. The Redditor shared a video prior to this one that showed them working on the ramp in question with their boat being rocketed off the end over the water, but it was an early iteration of the creation and was seen with low FPS.

After MANY failed launches, I present the Longship down the new and improved Mega Ramp (With Better FPS) from r/valheim

The new and improved version of this stunt isn’t exactly what one would call smooth since the player ended up in a tree, but it’s still quite the sight if you’re new to Valheim or were unaware this could be done. Perhaps the most surprising parts of these videos that never gets old is what happens when the boat hits the water. One might expect the whole vessel to shatter on impact with a dramatic, splintering explosion, or perhaps we’d see it plunge underwater and take forever to resurface. Neither happens though, and instead, the ship is returned to the air just as high (if not higher) than it was whenever it first took flight.

For those who want to recreate this sort of stunt but are still scrounging together enough supplies to get them through the night and can’t imagine building all this, the player responsible for the video responded to a thread’s comment to explain the process of getting into the game’s debug mode. Through a specific command, you’re able to build without workbenches or materials and can try to build these sorts of ramps as often as you’d like.

While it’d be hard to imagine this sort of interaction is intentional, it’ll hopefully stay in the game since it’s unlikely this would affect someone who was playing normally. The game’s been getting updates pretty regularly since its successful launch, so if this gets patched out, we’ll see it in the patch notes for one of those future updates.