Valkyrae Reveals What She Misses About Among Us

Since its peak, last fall, Among Us has changed with new updates and even added the new Airship [...]

Since its peak, last fall, Among Us has changed with new updates and even added the new Airship map. That said, while many are still actively enjoying the game, Rachel 'Valkyrae' Hoffstetter isn't, or at least she isn't as much as she used to. However, this has nothing to do with the game itself, but the fact that its peak has come and gone, and as a result, not as many streamers and Valkyrae's friends are playing together like they were when the game was exploding.

When Among Us first busted on the scene, it was because every streamer and their mother-in-law's pet parakeet were streaming the game, which created some epic lobbies. This isn't happening anymore, and it has Valkyrae feeling a bit nostalgic and sad.

"I actually really miss the Among Us lobbies. I miss when everyone was addicted to it. I miss playing with everyone more often. It feels like everyone kinda went their separate ways. Doesn't it kinda feel like that? It feels like everyone is kinda just doing their own thing now, and no one has any desire to do anything together ever again. For me personally... I've put together so many lobbies that I don't have the drive to put more lobbies together. I'm just kinda sick of doing it.

"I don't know. It's kinda sad," concluded Valkyrae, talking about how many of her friends have been pulled towards Valorant, GTA, Rust, and other games.

It remains to be seen if Among Us will ever be able to hit the same heights it did in fall 2020. It probably won't. Not only is there always something new to stream and play, but the pandemic provided the perfect storm for the game to take off. And at the moment, GTA RP is dominating Twitch and YouTube.

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