'Wii Fit' Grandma Has Been Playing Over 10 Years and Gamers Have Thoughts

Nintendo released Wii Fit back in 2008, and with the Wii Balance Board, fans were ready to hop on and get in shape. That said, one grandmother has apparently been playing the fitness game everyday for over 10 years, but gamers have a few things to say.

Reddit user "gperk69" recently shared an image of their grandma standing next to a massive television with Wii Fit on full display. According to the game, it was her 3,949th day playing, which comes out to just shy of 11 years. Seeing as Wii Fit was released in April of 2008, it is very likely that she has been playing since the day it launched.

My Grandma has played Wii Fit everyday for over 10 years! from r/gaming

Other Redditors flocked to the post to discuss a number of topics, including how old the original poster is and if they are Ash Ketchum, what it would be like if the save file had become corrupted, and much more.

However, some people expressed their doubts that this is accurate. "Wii Fit launched just 3933 days ago in the US, 3946 days ago in AU, and 3958 days in EU," user maxd said. "Depending on which region she's in, she either got a copy that broke street date, or started playing just over a week after it launched in the EU."

Others chimed in to say that Wii Fit simply counts the days since someone began playing, rather than how many days they actually played. "It's a hoax lol," user FatCaucasian said. "Time is counted from account creation I believe, not consecutive days... I could dig the old Wii out of a tote in my mom's attic and have a similar day reading. Then put my grandma in front of it and boom!"


Of course, we don't truly know if this grandma has played everyday for over 10 years, or if this is a ruse a very long time in the making.

What do you think? Has this grandma played Wii Fit everyday for over 10 years? Do you refuse to believe any sort of speculation because who would doubt such a precious person? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!