New Xbox Event Still on Track for July

Contrary to reports that Xbox had pushed some sort of event to August, it would appear that the [...]

Contrary to reports that Xbox had pushed some sort of event to August, it would appear that the company is instead on track for its "next digital show" to take place in July. Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing, took to Twitter yesterday to refute the claims of a delayed event. In short, it would appear that the next major Xbox 20/20 event will go on as previously planned.

"We have not pushed anything back," Greenberg stated in response to an article based on the report, "our plan remains to have our next digital show in July and teams are working hard on that." You can check out Greenberg's tweet below:

Notably, when it was first announced in May, Xbox 20/20 was said to include monthly announcements about the Xbox Series X, the future of Xbox Game Pass, and upcoming games planned for the next-gen console. Assuming that's still on track as well, it would mean that there is an announcement of some sort due this month, but it sounds like it won't be any kind of full-blown event.

As for the July event itself, it was previously revealed that it will feature Halo Infinite and "many first-party titles" when it actually happens, but beyond that, little is known at this point. Whatever the case might be, and whatever games are featured, it almost can't be less impressive than May's Xbox Series X event, so that's nice.

The Xbox Series X is currently set for a release Holidays 2020. No definitive release date has been set the next-gen console as of yet. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Xbox right here.

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