Xbox Game Pass Getting Huge Game the Day It Releases

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have another huge game to look forward to playing on the day of release. As you may know, every first-party Xbox game comes to Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate at launch. That said, it's been unclear if this will apply to Bethesda games. Back in September, Microsoft acquired Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax Media, however, at the time, it noted Bethesda would continue operations as a publisher. As a result, it was unclear if this first-party Xbox Game Pass rule would apply to Bethesda releases.

For now, neither Microsoft or Bethesda have come out and said every Bethesda game will available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at launch, but it looks like that's the plan.

This week, Bethesda's Todd Howard confirmed that Bethesda Game Studios' next game, Starfield, will be available via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at launch. Howard didn't divulge when Starfield will release, but he did suggest it's still a ways off. That said, whenever it does drop, it will be available day-one for Game Pass subscribers. And this is a big deal, because not only is Starfield a massive upcoming release, but it suggests other Bethesda games will follow suit. This means The Elder Scrolls 6 and new games in franchises like DOOM, Quake, Dishonored, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Prey, and more will be available on day-one for Game Pass subscribers.

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