New Xbox Live Indie Sale Offers 50-75% Off Tons of Bundles


An all-new sale has just become available on Xbox Live with an eye for Gold bundles and Indie titles. The sale includes new-age indie classics like Don't Starve, Banner Saga, and Outlast, all of which are packaged into varying bundles and assortments. Most of these are complete editions with extra DLCs, or additional items to help players further conquer their favorite games. The deals run through the weekend and until Monday, with almost all items up for grabs at less than $25.

Some of the bundles come as serious steals, specially for fans of indie franchises -- because there are quite a few up for grabs. For example, right now RWBY: Grimm Eclipse retails for about $19.99 on Steam, with additional content costing about $1.99 (it's also on the Playstation store, available in a bundle at $22.99). Over the weekend, players on Xbox One can get the Team JNPR bundle for as low as $11.50, which allows players to play as member of both Team RWBY and Team JNPR. The bundle also includes Hoarde Mode, with 3 unique maps "focused on intense co-op action, strategy, and defense turrets." The multiplayer hack-n'-slash is more than just a fan-favorite in popularity, which makes it worth trying out if you're the type that enjoys fast-paced action games. Other bundles, like the one for Don't Starve, which includes a Shipwrecked Edition of the game for further survival adventures.


Other bundles of note include the Instant Indie Collections (4 and 5, with titles like Hue and The Little Acre), and a bundle that pairs the eerie platforming duo of INSIDE and LIMBO for extra-spooky platformer fun. A lot of the packages have slightly deceiving names, so it's worth looking into them to see if any of the indie gems that have popped up over the past few years are inside.