Xbox Series S Leak Reveals Potentially Huge Storage Problem

A new Xbox Series S leak has revealed a potentially huge storage problem for the less powerful and $300 next-gen Xbox console. While the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X aren't out for another six days, consumers are seemingly already getting their hands on the machines early. For the most part, this hasn't resulted in many exciting revelations, however, it has possibly highlighted a massive problem for the Xbox Series S, which is storage.

According to an anonymous poster on Reddit, the Xbox Series S is only packing 364GB usable space for games and apps. Of course, typically, the claims of an anonymous Reddit poster should be ignored, but they shared a photo of the console with the claim. That said, while there's little room to doubt the validity of the photo, there's a bit more room to doubt the validity of the claim about the console's storage, however, there's little to no reason to believe the poster is lying.

Below, you can check out the post for yourself:

Received it 1 week early !! From the source (Canada) feeling really lucky ! Hope all of you receive it soon! from r/XboxSeriesX

In the modern-day of gaming, 364GB of space is nothing. Increasingly, this is enough space for 3-5 big AAA games. Many gamers have run into issues with 500GB and even 1TB of space. However, if you don't play many live service games, you can easily get by with 364GB of space, especially with cloud saves. However, it's less than ideal and borderline useless for many gamers.


At the moment of publishing, Microsoft has not commented on this latest leak, which is making the rounds in rapid fashion. Typically, Microsoft does not comment on leaks of this ilk, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are set to release worldwide on November 10, priced at $300 and $500, respectively. For more coverage on both next-gen consoles and all things Xbox -- including all of the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here or peep the links below: