One of Xbox Series X's Biggest Exclusives Is Only a Timed Exclusive

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have two notable console exclusives releasing this year, or so [...]

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have two notable console exclusives releasing this year, or so we thought. One of these games is Halo Infinite, which is probably the biggest exclusive release this year across all of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. In addition to Halo Infinite, Microsoft has also cut a deal to get Stalker 2 as a console exclusive. At the time this was announced, there was no word of the deal being a timed exclusive, but apparently it is. Stalker 2 may not come to PS5 this year, but it looks like it won't be releasing that far after the Xbox version drops sometime this holiday season. In a normal year, this wouldn't be a huge loss for Xbox, but 2021 isn't a normal year. There are hardly any compelling games currently slated for 2021, making Stalker 2 a pretty marquee release for the year.

This week, internal Microsoft documents leaked and revealed that Stalker 2 will be exclusive to Xbox for three months. Right now, there's no word of it coming to PS5, but the implication is it could come to the PS5 anytime after it's been on the market for three months. In other words, it's a timed exclusive, and not a very long one at that.

That said, while Stalker 2 won't be a console exclusive for the Xbox Series X for very long, the same leaked documents reveal that The Gunk will be a permanent Xbox exclusive when it releases later this year. It remains to be seen how good The Gunk is, but it's certainly not a marquee release or as notable as Stalker 2.

What Xbox also has Halo Infinite, which, like Stalker 2, is scheduled to release sometime this holiday season. When it does, it will be one of the biggest releases of the year, good or bad.

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