Xbox Insider Reportedly Leaks Multi-Platform Sequel to Divisive Xbox One Exclusive

A prominent Xbox insider has revealed that they've been told by a source that a multi-platform sequel to a divisive Xbox One exclusive is in the works. The launch of the Xbox One was a mess. Microsoft got taken to the mats by PlayStation in power, price, and messaging. Amplifying the issue was the lack of compelling exclusive software. At the start and throughout the generation, PlayStation released some industry-leading PS4 games. In comparison, Xbox's exclusive output was shoddy, especially in the first few years of the console. Nothing is more indicative of this than Ryse: Son of Rome, a game that had some hype behind it before releasing thanks to its visuals, but that crashed and burned at release.

That said, over time, revisionist history has crept in and the game has become the topic of discussion, with some Xbox fans -- like those of the XboxEra podcast -- calling for a sequel. Of course, for a game like Ryse Son of Rome -- which divided so many Xbox fans and got lambasted by critics -- a sequel seems like a long shot, but apparently one is in the works, and it will be multi-platform.

Speaking during the aforementioned podcast, prominent Xbox insider and leaker, Nick "Shpeshal_Ed" Baker said he's been told that a sequel is in development and it won't be console exclusive to Xbox. Unfortunately, Baker doesn't divulge much else, but apparently, this game has been in some form of development for at least a year, which could mean a reveal isn't very far away.

At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties have commented on this rumor, and we don't expect this to change, but, if it does, we will update the story accordingly. In the meantime, take everything above with a grain of salt.


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