Yacht Club Games Announces Another Nintendo Direct Style Presentation

The Nintendo Direct presentation format has given Nintendo a great way to convey information to their fans. As these presentations started to become a somewhat regular occurrence, fans have started to clamor for them on social media, and other video game publishers have definitely taken notice. Over the summer, Yacht Club Games held their own Nintendo Direct influenced stream to announce Shovel Knight Dig, and it clearly worked out for the developer, as they have announced a second Yacht Club Games Presents, set to air on February 26th! The presentation will cover current happenings, upcoming titles like Shovel Knight Dig and Cyber Shadow, as well as "some new surprises."

Yacht Club Games is responsible for Shovel Knight, which has proven to be one of the most popular indie games of the last decade. The retro-throwback immediately took the industry by storm, and the game's titular hero has appeared in a number of video game cameos since, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Yooka-Laylee, and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Initially released in 2014, Shovel Knight has seen a number of updates and additional modes since, which finally came to an end with the completion of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove in December.

With Treasure Trove now finished, it will be interesting to see what the developer does next. Shovel Knight Dig is being co-developed by Nitrome, while Cyber Shadow is being developed by Mechanical Head Studios and published by Yacht Club Games. That should leave the team mostly free to work on other things, and it will be interesting to see what gets revealed next!

In the past, Yacht Club Games has teased the idea of doing a Shovel Knight project that pays homage to the Nintendo 64 era. Nothing concrete has ever been announced, but it seems clear that the demand is there. In 2018, as an April Fool's joke, the developer even teased Shovel Knight 64... for the Commodore 64. Whether or not a real Shovel Knight 64 comes out of next week's Yacht Club Games Presents remains to be seen!


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