Bakugan Gets Its First Funko Pops at Funko Fair


The Bakugan franchise spans video games, toys, and anime, but not Funko Pops - until now. The first wave of Bakugan Pop figures launched today as part of the Funko Fair 2021 event, and pre-orders are live now.

The common figures in the Bakugan Funko Pop lineup include Shun, Tigrerra, Runo, Drago, Dan, and Storm Skyress. You can pre-order these figures here at Walmart and here at Entertainment Earth now.


That's a pretty sizeable wave out of the gate, but it would still be pretty disappointing if there wasn't an exclusive. Fortunately, Funko has you covered there with an Ajit & Pharol 2-pack that you can pre-order here at Target while it lasts - which probably won't be long.

If you're unfamiliar, Spin Master describes recent Bakugan reboot Armored Alliance (streaming on Netflix) as follows:

"When Bakugan began emerging from the earth's crust in a mysterious worldwide "awakening," Dan and his friends find themselves at the epicenter of a new age. Dan and Company quickly learn that they must grow into more than just suburban kids looking for quick fame in the post-Bakugan era. They must learn how to work with their Bakugan and deploy them in battle in order to survive the seemingly endless forces out to control, enslave or just plain destroy the mysterious race of alien creatures. Dan and his friends will evolve into bona fide heroes by protecting their Bakugan, the Earth and ultimately the incredible secret hidden beneath our feet: Our planet has merged with another, living planet... Vestroia!"


You can keep up with all of the anime Funko Pop releases from Day 2 of Funko Fair right here via our master list. Breakout waves from the 10-day Funko Fair event can be found here.

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