Bewitched Funko Pops Are Enchanting


Before there was Hocus Pocus, there was the television show Bewitched, which ran for eight seasons on ABC starting in 1964. The premise was great - a witch marries a normal man and attempts to lead a normal life in the suburbs. It might have been your favorite show on Nick-at-Nite back in the day.

That said, Funko has unveiled the first wave of Pop figures from Bewitched as part of their Funko Fair 2021 event. The collection includes Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) on her broom and her mother Endora (Agnes Moorehead). The Samantha Pop looks like it's straight out of the opening credits while the Endora Pop looks like it's about to call Darrin "Durwood" before casting a spell on him.

The Bewitched collection of Funko Pops is available to pre-order here at Walmart and here at Entertainment Earth. You can keep tabs on all of the new Funko Pop releases from Funko Fair right here via our master list.


On a related note, Marvel Studio's new WandaVision series for Disney+ owes a lot to tv shows like Bewitched. In fact, Marvel's Kevin Feige is a huge Nick-at-Nite fan, which explains WandaVision's direction. If you've been watching, the show starts out with a retro tv sitcom style that's reflected in its own wave of Funko Pops. You can check out the entire wave right here.

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