Disney Partners With Super7 On an Ultimates Action Figure Line


Disney has partnered with toy maker Super7 on a range of collectibles that begin with Ultimates figures commemorating classic films Fantasia, Robin Hood, and Pinocchio. Super7 is known for making niche collectibles for fans of nostalgia-rich '80s franchises like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, and He-Man (with Ultimates being their hig-end action figure line) so this is a very interesting and unexpected move. Just take a look at what they've come up with...

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse - Pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $44.99: This super poseable figure features three interchangeable expressive heads, interchangeable hands, two water buckets, animated broom, axe and the Sorcerer’s giant spell book. The Ultimates Sorcerer’s Apprentice is dressed in a wizard robe with a real rope tied waistband.


Pinocchio - Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth for $44.99: Pinocchio is a super poseable action figure with 3 interchangeable heads (with various nose lengths), interchangeable hands, Jiminy Cricket, school book, axe, apple, Cleo’s fishbowl, Figaro the Cat, and a fabric vest with gold trim.


Prince John - Pre-Order at Entertainment Earth for $44.99: Again, the Prince John Ultimates figure is super poseable with three interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands (with and without the jewels of his rings), two versions of Sir Hiss, a vanity mirror, and a plush velvet robe with fur trim.

Note that these figures are made-to-order, so shipping isn't expected until September 2021. However, you'll want to get your pre-order in sooner rather than later because the window will only be open until September 5th, 2020.


Super7 teases that these figures are only the beginning for their Disney lineup, so expect some big things down the line. Will they do something as crazy as the He-Man Snake Mountain Playset? We'll have to wait and see.

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