Dragon Ball Z Pops Launch at Funko Fair With Exclusives


Day 2 of the Funko Fair 2021 event is now underway, and the theme of the day is anime! Not surprisingly, Funko kicked things off with another huge Pop figure release in their already immense Dragon Ball Z lineup. If it's exclusive Pops your after, there are plenty to collect in this wave.

Common Pop figures in the Funko Fair Dragon Ball Z wave include Child Vegeta, Vegito, Dr. Gero, Frieza (First Form), Cell (First Form), Super Saiyan Gohan with Noodles, Super Saiyan Goku with Kamehameha, and Kami. There are also new DBZ Pop keychains of Vegeta, Goku with Kamehameha, Gohan with Sword, and Master Roshi. Pre-orders for all of these figures are live here at Entertainment Earth and here at Walmart now.


As for the exclusives in this DBZ wave, a breakdown of the Pop figures and where they can (or will be) pre-ordered is available below:


Again, the majority of Pop figures on Day 2 of Funko Fair 2021 will be anime themed. You can keep tabs on all of the Pop figures from the show (and where to order them) right here via our Funko Fair master list. Details on our favorite Funko Pops from the event can be found here.

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