Far Cry 6 Pre-Orders are Already $10 Off


Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 6 starring Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian) as dictator Anton Castillo will launch on the PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia on February 18th, 2021. The announcement also included the first trailer and first screenshots from the game. Pre-orders for Far Cry 6 went live shortly after the debut, and there are several editions to choose from. However, if you're content with the standard edition and the pre-order bonuses that go along with it, there's a deal in it for you.

Pre-Order Bonuses: All Far Cry 6 pre-orders include the Libertad Pack, which consists of the Discos Locos disc launcher and a skin of the adorable but deadly wiener dog Chorizo.


Pre-Orders: At the time of writing, the standard edition of Far Cry 6 is available to pre-order via the following links for $49.94, which is $10 off list (UPDATE: Amazon has matched the Walmart deal). Note that you can upgrade the PS4 and Xbox One copies of the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X versions for free.


Additional Far Cry 6 pre-order options include the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Collector's Edition. A breakdown of the contents of those options can be found below.

  • Gold Edition: Includes the game and Season Pass. ($110) - See at Best Buy ($10 reward eligible) / See on Amazon
  • Ultimate Edition: Adds the Ultimate Pack with Croc Hunter, Vice, and Jungle Expedition skin packs. ($120) - See at Best Buy ($10 reward eligible)
  • Collector's Edition: Adds a Flamethrower replica, SteelBook case, artbook, 10 stickers, flamethrower "how to assemble" print, CD soundtrack, Chroizo dog keychain, and map. ($200) See at Ubisoft Store (Exclusive)



"In Far Cry 6, players are immersed in the adrenaline-filled, chaotic world of a modern-day guerrilla revolution. Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time. As dictator of Yara, Anton Castillo is intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means, with his son, Diego, following in his bloody footsteps. Become a guerrilla fighter and burn their regime to the ground.

"As Dani Rojas (playable as a female or male character), you will help stoke the fires of revolution through guerrilla warfare across the island of Yara, from verdant jungles to the urban streets of the capital city, Esperanza. You’ll use a powerful array of weapons and vehicles, and build a network of allies to fight alongside you, including Fangs for Hire like Chorizo, the dangerously distracting wiener dog. As President Castillo prepares his son Diego, played by Anthony Gonzalez ('Coco'), to succeed him, you will do all you can to ensure his plans don’t come to fruition."

Key Features:

  • Ignite the Fight for Freedom – Dive into a blockbuster experience as Dani Rojas, a local Yaran defending their country from a tyrant’s rule. Join the revolution to push back against the oppressive regime of dictator Anton Castillo and his teenage son Diego, brought to life by Hollywood stars Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad) and Anthony Gonzalez (Coco).
  • Yara Torn Apart – For the first time in Far Cry, experience a sprawling capital city: Esperanza, the most expansive Far Cry playground to date. Takedown Anton in the seat of his power by staying hidden or engaging Anton’s army in an all-out firefight in the streets. From taking the reins of a horse to commandeering a tank, choose your favorite ride to fight against the regime or to just travel Yara in style.
  • Become a Guerrilla – Jump into the action and chaos of guerrilla combat at the heart of a revolution. Employ an arsenal of unique and surprising new weapons, vehicles, and animal companions in a fight against an unyielding military regime. No guerrilla should go it alone, so pair up with an all-new animal companion like Chorizo, the adorable wiener dog who’s as cute as he is lethal.

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