Funko Pops are Down in Fraggle Rock

Funko has been on a nostalgic TV tear lately with the release of their Disney afternoon and He-Man collections. Now they've gone down into the Fraggle Rock caves, and emerged with some adorable creatures.

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(Photo: Funko)

The core Funko Fraggle Rock Pop figure lineup includes Boober, Gobo, Mokey, Red, and Wembley. Each Fraggle comes with their own Doozer – those crazy creatures that love to work. The entire Fraggle Rock Funko lineup is available to pre-order here with shipment expected in December / January.


Of course, a Funko release wouldn't be a Funko release without a selection of exclusives, and the Fraggle Rock collection includes a flocked (fuzzy) version of Red at Books-A-Million and the smart dog Sprocket at Toys "R" Us. Both of those figures will be available in their respective stores starting in December. Unfortunately, we'll probably see several additional waves of Fraggle Rock Funko figures before we see that long-awaited Fraggle Rock movie.