Funko's New Masters of the Universe Pops Have the Power


Masters of the Universe fans just got a fantastic wave of classic MotU Funko Pop figures to collect - and Funko really went all out with it. There are five standard Pop figures, a Pop Ride of Skeletor on Panthor, a 10-inch He-Man, an a whole bunch of exclusives.

The standard MotU Pop figures in the wave include She-Ra, Kobra Khan, King Randor, Grizzlor, and Terror Claws Skeletor. The Skeletor on Panthor Pop Ride and 10-inch Super-Sized He-Man Pop round out the list. Pre-orders for all of these figures are available via the links below.

As far as exclusives in the new Masters of the Universe Pop wave are concerned, look for Flocked (fuzzy) versions of the Skeletor Pop Ride and Grizzlor to hit the Funko Shop soon. Funko is also getting Art Series Pops of Skeletor an He-Man along with a glow-in-the-dark She-Ra Pop figure in the Speciality Series. Finally, look for a metallic Skeletor with Terror Claws to hit Target soon. A matching Pop keychain will be available at Hot Topic.


Funko's new MotU wave includes a 10-inch He-Man Pop as well as He-Man. She-Ra, and Terror Claws Skeletor Pop Keychains in the standard lineup. You can grab the keychains here at Entertainment Earth.


The Funko Shop got some pretty spectacular exclusives in this wave. Getting your hands on the Flocked Skeletor Pop Ride and Grizzlor probably won't be easy, so don't feel bad about settling for the standard versions. The Art Series figures look especially interesting. Unfortunately, Funko did not announce when these figures will be available.


The metallic Terror Claws Skeletor variant looks great, and it should be up at Target in the coming days. The GITD She-Ra Speciality Series Pop will be available at comic shops and specialty retailers soon.

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