The Ultimate The Mandalorian Helmet Replica Will Cost You Some Beskar


Anovos, purveyors of high-end, officially licensed prop replicas, unveiled a Star Wars: The Mandalorian helmet earlier this year that is as close to a screen-used prop as you're likely to get without being Pedro Pascal. In fact, Anovos 3D scanned the actual helmets from the show to achieve accuracy within 0.2 millimeters, and worked with info from The Mandalorian prop department to get the paint just right. They even finished the prototype side-by-side with the originals to ensure that they match as closely as possible.

What's more, these helmets are fully wearable, and fit heads that wear up to a size 8 US hat. The helmets are also crafted from fiberglass and hand-painted, so no two are exactly the same. That having been said, if you're a collector willing to spend a Beskar ingot or two on a replica of this caliber, you can reserve one here at Entertainment Earth for $649.99 with shipping slated for August. Note that a super accurate Boba Fett helmet is also available from eFX for $399.99.


The Mandalorian helmet joins Anovos' new Imperial Guard helmet replica, which is also available to pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $649.99 with free shipping slated for August. Again, it was produced using 3D scans of the original prop and is fully wearable - though they stress that it has "a more narrow fit" than their other helmets.


Finally, Regal Robot's The Mandalorian Armorer's Muthosaur Skull 17.5-inch wall sculpture went up for pre-order today at Entertainment Earth priced at $274.99 with free shipping slated for September. It's made from resin and finished with a chrome-like paint.

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