Yu-Gi-Oh! Toy Fair 2020 Funko Pops Are up for Pre-Order


When it comes to Funko Pop figure releases, Yu-Gi-Oh! fans have needed to exercise some patience. The first wave of figures dropped in June of 2018, and a Dark Magician exclusive Pop figure arrived a year later. It's been quiet since then - until today. Funko has launched a wave of Yu-Gi-Oh! Pop figures as part of their huge New York Toy Fair 2020 lineup!

The new NY Toy Fair 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop figures are available to pre-order here at Entertainment Earth with shipping slated for May. The breakdown of the standard lineup looks like this:

  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - 6-inch Exodia
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Joey Wheeler
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Maximillion Pegasus
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Red-Eyes Black Dragon
  • Funko Pop! Animation: Yu-Gi-Oh - Yugi Mutou

The 6-inch Exodia is a general release, but Funko is also releasing a 6-inch Obelisk at GameStop and a 6-inch Slifer the Sky Dragon at Hot Topic as exclusives in the coming months. You can take a closer look at those Pop figures via the tweet below.


You can check out all of the New York Toy Fair 2020 Funko Pop figure releases via our master list. Info on additional toy standout releases from the show can be found here.

Yu-Gi-Oh! was originally created by Kazuki Takahashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and ran from September 1996 to March 2004. The series follows Yugi Mutou, a young boy who solves an ancient puzzle and is possessed by the spirit of the Egyptian pharoah. Being skilled at deadly games, the Pharoah goes on to create and solve problems for Yugi based on deadly games of chance.

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