Chucky Season 2 Offers First Look at Human Glen & Glenda

It was previously confirmed that the upcoming second season of Chucky will dig deep into the killer doll's lore, bringing back his doll child turned real kids, Glen and GlendaChilling Adventures of Sabrina star and nonbinary actor Lachlan Watson was cast in the role of both parts for the show's new episode and the official trailer has offered a first look at the return of the two characters. Watson will play both roles, even sharing the same shot with themselves in some scenes, and it's clear that a family reunion is about to happen. Check out the first looks below and look for season two to arrive on SYFY and USA Network on October 9.

As fans may recall, Seed of Chucky (perhaps the most meta-chapter of the entire franchise) brought Jennifer Tilly in as herself in addition to voicing Tiffany. Naturally the film also introduced Chucky and Tiffany's offspring, previously teased at the end of Bride of Chucky. When introduced Glen not only harbored desires to commit acts of violence like their parents but was also repulsed by the thought. 

Eventually it became clear that Glen shared a body with his twin sister Glenda, the naming convention a reference to Ed Wood's cult classic movie. In the context of the film, Tilly would later give birth to human twins, giving Glen and Glenda their own human bodies to inhabit. Now grown, the pair are set to return this Halloween season and reunite with their mother.


The casting of Watson in the role seems to indicate that we'll finally get some answers about what happened at the end of Seed of ChuckyChucky the TV series has not shied away from engaging with and exploring the insane continuity of the franchise at large though, so digging into the fallout of Seed of Chucky is something longtime fans will be excited to see on the show. As fans may recall, Glen/Glenda was voiced by Billy Boyd in the original film, it's unclear if he'll reprise the role in any way for the show.

Chucky has long been a family affair but more characters than ever will seemingly be back for the second season of the show. Alex Vincent will return to the role of Andy Barclay, having originated the part in the first two Child's Play movies, alongside Christine Elise, who played Kyle in Child's Play 2. Brad Dourif will naturally return to voice the titular killer doll while Devon Sawa will also return for season two, this time playing a new character.

The entire first season of Chucky is now streaming on Peacock, look for season two to arrive on SYFY and USA Network on October 9.