Original I Know What You Did Last Summer Star Weighs in on Amazon TV Series

Coming hot on the heels of the debut of Scream and the overall teen-themed slasher revival of the late '90s, I Know What You Did Last Summer brought together some of the hottest stars of the time to tell a terrifying tale of revenge, which would help launch all of their careers. Coming to Amazon Prime Video next month is a new take on the original novel, with star of the 1997 film Ryan Phillippe expressing his excitement for the story to resonate with a new audience, even if he isn't involved in the project whatsoever. I Know What You Did Last Summer debuts on Amazon Prime Video on October 15th.

"I'd be open to doing a cameo in something like that. I love the project, and I love the fact that it's held up over time and it still gets a new audience," Phillippe confirmed to ComicBook.com. "Every couple of years, people are discovering it in different ways, and all of us original cast members are very much in support of this Amazon series."

He added, "I've heard the new cast is really great, and I can't wait to watch it. We've contributed a little bit from a publicity standpoint, to support the series. It does make you feel a little bit like a dinosaur, the fact that they're remaking projects that you were in. It's like, 'God, how old am I?' I heard, also, Amazon's doing a Cruel Intentions series. So I guess they're just going to go through my catalog and make shows on [my old movies]. It's cool, man. It's exciting. It means that you made something that mattered to people and that they still want to revisit, and that's a compliment."

The concept of the new series is explained, "The YA series is described as a modern take on the hit 1997 horror film. In a town full of secrets, a group of teenagers is stalked by a mysterious killer a year after a fatal accident on their graduation night."

The series stars Madison Iseman (Jumanji: The Next Level), Brianne Tju (Light as a Feather), Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore (Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping), Sebastian Amoruso (Solve), Fiona Rene (Stumptown), Cassie Beck (Connecting), Brooke Bloom (Homecoming), Sonya Balmores (Marvel's Inhumans) and Bill Heck (I'm Your Woman).

Fans can currently see Phillippe in Lady of the Manor, which is described, "Past and present collide in this supernaturally funny buddy comedy when stoner-slacker Hannah (Melanie Lynskey) is hired to portray Lady Wadsworth (Judy Greer), a Southern belle who died in 1875, in a tour at Wadsworth Manor. Hannah, a hot mess, figures she can fake it —until the ghost of Lady Wadsworth appears! Lady Wadsworth tells Hannah it's time to change her wild ways — and she'll haunt her until she does — in this hilarious movie co-starring Justin Long and Phillippe."

Lady of the Manor is available On Demand now and hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 21st. I Know What You Did Last Summer premieres on Amazon Prime Video on October 15th.

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