Saw: Spiral Trailer Teases Major Connection To Jigsaw

The trailer for Spiral: From the Book of Saw got fans of the Saw franchise hyped for this new [...]

The trailer for Spiral: From the Book of Saw got fans of the Saw franchise hyped for this new spinoff series, but now that excitement is growing even more, as eagle-eyed fans have now spotted a major connection between Spiral and the Jigsaw reboot that preceded it in 2017. That connection comes in the form of (surprise) a revisit to a previous site of Jigsaw murders - specifically the scene where the new Jigsaw (Dr. Logan Nelson) decided to begin his deadly new game. Now take a look below at a side-by-side of the warehouse where criminal Edgar Munsen started of in Jigsaw, and compare it to Samuel L. Jackson's arrival in the Spiral trailer:

same locations from r/saw

As you see from this overlay of images, the factory that we see Samuel L. Jackson's character pull up to in Spiral is indeed the same location that we saw Edgar Munsen lured to in Jigsaw. It was that same factory that Logan Nelson used to misdirect the police from the actual game he was staging, over in the old farmhouse where he first survived one of John Kramer's earliest Saw games, and became the Jigsaw killer's first apprentice. Clearly, Spiral is telling a story that will presumably deepen the mystery of Logan's Jigsaw spree.

Saw fans saw the Sprial trailer and quickly began to theorize that the footage was in part meant to mislead our expectations. Specifically, Sam Jackson's "Marcus" seems to arrive at the factory in a story segment that's different than when Chris Rock's Det. Zeke Banks later arrives on the seen. Playing with different moments in time, using the same location, has been a motif in the Saw franchise since the final reveals of the very first film - and was heavily relied upon in order to facilitate the big surprise of Jigsaw's prequel story twist. Now it seems like Spiral could be directly following the events of Jigsaw - or (for better or worse) is following the pattern of the later Saw sequels by telling an intricate interquel story for Jigsaw.

That latter approach seems right up the alley of director Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed Saw II - IV and was the first major architect of the larger "Saw Universe." It's especially telling that this killer in Spiral now targets cops specifically, as Dr. Logan's major grudge was with a crooked police detective (Halloran). As we saw at the end of Jigsaw, Logan had broken away from the code of John Kramer, to become a new Jigsaw - one who isn't bound by the same rules of the game. It would make sense that Logan's grudge with one cop becomes a vendetta against all crooked cops. Because if you look closely, there are other scenes in that Spiral trailer which suggest that Chris Rock's Det. Banks may not be as clean as he initially seems.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw hits theaters on May 15th.